MP5048A design reference and input voltage

Just wander the input voltage of MP5048A, the specs show 24 to 60V.
I am looking for the range 16 to 36V input, but not very clear if voltage drop to 16 or 18V, does it work?
Is there any design tool to determine the values of the components around?


Information could be given by absolute maximum ratings, recommended operating conditions AND specs tables:

  • absolute max: Vin = -0.3V → +65V (never goes too close to absolute max ratings)
  • recommended = 24V to 60V
  • UVP (rising) = 5.25V (Vin minimal to power the internal LDO is 4.75V)

So for me Vin range = 5.5V to 60V → I think 16-36V is a working range voltage.


for values, informations/equations are given in datasheet (R for Ilimit, …). What value/R/C is a problem for you?