MP5048 Operating Input Voltage Range

Hello Support Team,
I have a question about the operating input voltage range of the MP5048 Hot Swap Intelli Fuse solution. Why does the input range start at 24V or can the MP5048 be used with an input voltage of 19V?
I have not found any specification in the datasheet that limits the input voltage to a minimum of 24V, other than the statement:
“24V to 60V operating input range”.
If 19V is also fine, are there any limitations on the electrical characteristics?

Thanks, Joerg

Looks like the internal logic runs off 5V. Lazy on their part the thing is designed for 48 V application and they didn’t bother to really check where the low end is. Looks to me like it should work fine for 12V. Get a demo board and try. Support tends to be spotty

thank you, your analysis and suggestions confirm my thoughts.