MP5048 Input TVS Diode Selection

Hi there,

I am considering using MP5048 as an efuse in a robotics application. Battery voltage will come into this board, with one MP5048 acting as a fuse for each output driving a motor controller over a 14 AWG wire ~ 5 feet in length. Let me know if you see any potential problems using this chip for off-board loads.

My first question is can we use this IC in a 48V lithium battery system which can be as high as 60V?

I was looking at TVS diodes and noticed TVS diodes rated with a standoff voltage of 60V appear to have ~100V max clamping voltage. (like 8.0SMDJ60A for example).

Next question- is it required to choose a TVS with a max clamping voltage of < 72V (the ABS max transient voltage from the datasheet for MP5048)?


Hello @cameron ,

I recommend following the TVS Diode that was selected for the EVB of the MP5048: 5.0SMDJ51A
Here is a link to the EVB DS: