MP5048 Body Diode


I plan to use MP5048 as load switch and efuse (SCP). According to datasheet explanations and figures for ON/OFF control, the MP5048 is a true ON/OFF control. However, I have a doubt when I’m looking for the functional block diagram. I think it is better to draw the body diode in a such schematic for real understanding the behavior of component (like TI or ADI). I’m not sure that the body diode of MOSFET is in “reverse” (I mean cathode “looks for” Vin side and anode “looks for” Vout side). In the block diagram (page 13), this is a P-MOSFET so the body diode for enhancement mosfet has cathode at vout side and anode at vin side. A true ON/OFF is not possible in a such configuration (it’s for ideal diode configuration). So could you confirm that the body diode is in the right direction to do a true ON/OFF control ? (so P-MOSFET is a depletion version in MP5048?)

I thank you in advance.

Best regards.