MP5035: Constant current to charge lithium batteries?

MP5035 Datasheet

I’m thinking of using the MP5035 to charge a single 18650 battery, at a constant current charge rate of 1a (1k-ohm resistor between ILIM and gnd), from 3v to ~4.1v (input voltage of 4.2v).

Will the MP5035 be capable of doing this?

No, after 2msec of current limit the part shuts down and retrys periodically. Think of it more like an electronic fuse.

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So I see under the “Application” of the datasheet that it lists “USB3.1 Power Delivery”. If this I.C is not actually performing any constant current, how does it work? If a 5v USB devices attempts to pull 2A (with a 1a limit set via a 1k-ohm resistor between ILIM and gnd), this device will “hiccup”.

Will the USB device continually try lower and lower currents until this I.C no longer “hiccups”?

Well generally speaking any line that you have leaving your box can be shorted so some kind of fusing to prevent an external short from pulling down your internal rail is sensible. This is a precision electronic fuse with auto reset. So if you plug a battery into it you will get 2msec pulses of 2A every 700msec I suppose eventually the battery will get charged. If this is used in a USB application I don’t know what the sink does in the event of a disconnect. Trying steadily smaller currents is a clever idea.