MP5016H sleep mode

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There are description about sleep mode in MP5016H datasheet page 14 as following ===.
But, I cannot find any description what 'sleep mode ’ is , in the datasheet.

If output current is lower than 0.38A, what function is restricted ? Is MP5016H in normal operation except current limit function disabled ?

Whichever, I will check using EVKT also.

=====d/s page14 ======
The current limit cannot be set
too low, because the MP5016H works in sleep
mode when the load is lower than 0.38A,
typically. The current limit logic is disabled in
sleep mode, also.

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Hi kanji_shibatani,

Thanks for your question.
If the output current is <0.38A, it disables the current limit logic and forces the part into sleep mode. The part won’t function correctly since it operates on a current limit and there is not current limit logic enabled.


Hi Cindy san,
Thank you for your answer quickly.

I had checked using EV5016-QH-00B today.
Even though Iout is small(0.2A) ,MP5016H seems no problem .

Again, what is the sleep mode and what is the restriction in sleep mode ?
How can I test it?

I had attached my test result. I had any mistake?
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Hi kanji_shibatani,

I believe in sleep mode the part should not have an output voltage.
Can you apply a load smaller than 0.2A, and monitor what happens to Vout?


Hi Cindy-san,

I had apply 10mA electronic load, and then I had increase input voltage slowly.
I see Vout is clamped at ~5.75V (MODE~GND). ( see attached)
This was same thing if Iout=0.
I think MP5016H works correctly even “sleep mode”.

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Interesting, thank you for capture this. I will have to verify this in the lab. I’ll get back to you as soon as I complete this.


Hi kanji_shibatani,

Apologies for the delayed response. Believe I misunderstood your original question.
So, when MP5016H is in sleep mode (I_load < 0.38A), the part still functions and the power FET is still on, hence why you see an output. Only OCP is disabled. This means yes, you will still measure an output voltage in sleep mode, but do not set the current limit < 0.38A because the current limit is disabled and the part will not be able to limit the current to anything near 0.38A. This is why it states to set the current limit from 0.7A to 5A.
Hope that clears things up.


Hi Cindy-san
Thank you for your answer in detail.
Thank you again