MP4560 parts selection

Hi there!

Im planing to use the MP4560 on my board.

Here you can see the schematics.
i hope this works…

I think everything will work quite good but the only think i cant calculate are the parts on PIN COMP.
C27 and R16


  • 32V
  • 1,7A

Can anyone here help me?

Some rando on the internet. I would double check D9 I would think it should be connected to GND and SW not FB and SW.

I would double check the boost pin, I think there should at least be a cap between the BST pin and the SW pin.

Check the voltage of the input caps, 50V cap on a 48V line will stress the caps, consider double the voltage or triple for reliability

Hello pascal.player,

Please see the section titled “Compensation Components” on page 12. There is also a DC DC Designer Online model that can help with initial selection. You will need to tune it get proper real world results.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran