MP3370GN output current

For boost Mode, How much max output current MP3370GN IC can supply at VIN 24V DC and Vout 36V output ?

How can i know max output Wattage supported by MPS IC. generally datasheet mentions this information with TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS, but is it maximum capability of the IC.



with 24V input and 3A peak switch current the theoretical max. input power is 24V*3A=72W
You need to allow less since you loose on the average input current half the peak-peak ripple current, and some for the inevitable losses. With say 60W you could power 60W/36V=1.66A into your output. As higher the inductor ripple current with lower chosen inductor value becomes, as lower the output current.
On boost topologies the max. average input current times minimum input voltage determines the power you get into the PSU. With an estimate of the efficiency you will get the output power.

Hi Christian,
thanks for your reply.