MP3362, MP3363 Component Calculator

Is there a spread sheet component calculator available for the MP3362 or MP3363?

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Unfortunately, we do not have a spreadsheet for the design of this device. We recommend following the datasheet design guidelines as well as the typical application circuit and the evaluation board datasheet for reference.

Thank you for the reply. On your EV3363-J-00A eval schematic what is the switch frequency used?



You can calculate the frequency using the resistor value that has been connected to the OSC/SYNC pin,


The above is mentioned in page 11 of the datasheet.

In this case, there is a 40.2kOhm resistor connected, that gives a switching frequency of 995kHz.
Alternatively, applying a pulse signal between 200kHz and 2.2MHz can also be used to synchronize the switching frequency, for which the SYNC header pin on the evaluation board can be used.