MP3336A assist current min-typical-max

Under Electrical Characteristics on page 5 of the MP3336A datasheet:

LED Driver - “Assist current settings” shows a 300mA set current (typical) could go as low as 279mA and as high as 321mA, a difference of +/- 21mA or +/- 7%.

Will the assist current always vary by
A) +/-20mA
B) +/-7%
at any particular assist current value?

For example…at 90mA will we see:
A) 70mA - 90mA - 110mA [+/-20mA]
B) 83.7mA - 90mA - 96.3mA [+/-7%]

Does the current variability change per magnitude of current…like 2% in the lower mA and up to 7% in the high range? Or is the variability always 7%?)