MP2918 design current

Tell me how to set up the MP2918 chip correctly for a current of 13A. In the specification you specify the recommended RSENSE value is between 7 mOhm
and 50 mOhm. Is it possible to connect SENSE+, SENSE- directly to the inductor?

Hello pavel.martemyanov,

Choose the corresponding current limit options:

  1. 25mV when ILIM is connected to SGND.
  2. 60mV when ILIM is connected to VCC1.
  3. 75mV when ILIM is floating.

Choose your current peak value solved during inductor selection.

Solve for Rsense using the equation below. It is recommended to keep Rsense between 7m and 50m.

Please read the sections titled “Current Limit Function”, “Setting Current Sensing”, and “Selecting the Inductor” for more information.

Please connect sense+/- across a shunt resistor not the the inductor.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer