MP2886A Prgramming

This is my first time posting here, however we are a repair shop in Germany and would like to inquire about programming the paramaters into MP2886A for purposes of repairing devices.
We have purchased the EVKT-USBI2C-02 Adapter and have installed Virtualbench 4.0, however it does not show the connected MP2886A. (i know from the datasheet and schematics provided by CLEVO, that the Address must be 0x22 and i probably need to adjust TDC, IccMax, Vboot and Load Line.)
(We may need to programm more PWM-Controllers in the future, since this is not the first and likely not the last CLEVO Laptop with a fried PWM-controller)
We would appreciate assistance in this matter greatly, to be able to fix more devices in the future, using the very compact MPS Chips, with Nvidias Open VReg probably here to stay.

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Electronic Loop

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Did you change the address in VirtualBench 4.0 to0x22 and still it is not showing connected?
Can you provide the screenshot of what the error is?

Yash Shah

Thank you for the Reply!
Unfortunately i cannot even add the MP2886A to the Virtualbench “Project” since Autoscan comes up empty and manually adding does not give the option of MP2886A.
How would i go about changing address in Virtualbench to detect the MP2886A or manually adding it?

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I believe these computing products use a different GUI than the other dc-dc, different from VirtualBench Pro 4. I recommend you send a message to to get the proper file
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Thank you for the reply!

I have contacted the address just now, hope they are as kind and quick as eveyone here!

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