MP28167-A EN pin


My Customer is designing MP28167-A for next year model.
We think we may leave EN pin float because Hi-impedance( 2Mohm) internally.

However, R3=499Kohm, C7=22nF for EN pin is recommended in the datasheet.
What is the purpose of this circuit? ( output discharge?)

If we leave EN floating, what issue may be considered?

Please advise.
Thank you for your support.

Thanks for your mail.
We recommend to pull up EN to enable IC once VIN>UVLO threshold. the 22nF helps to stablize the noise on Vin line. MP28167-A has the 2Mohm pull down resistance. No problem to float it if you want to control EN by another way.note that, IC is off when float or pull down EN pin.

Dear Carlyle-san
Thank you for your answer.