Mp2762a , USB and AC adapters

I am working on a device that is to use a 2S1P Li-ion pack. The hope was to avoid contributing to the clutter of wall warts, so USB became the recharging option. However, shortage of chips, especially of charger ICs, especially of USB charger-ICs, especially of USB-C charger-ICs, has dashed that hope. Add high prices to the mix!

Pretty much the sole option left for me is the mp2762a (which alas is not stand-alone, but uses i2c). This actually lists USB as a source option. However, the data-sheet is ambiguous about that. Is it legacy USB ports? I certainly don’t expect USB-C.

I see no CC1/CC2 or even D+/D- pins. So, AFAIK, no negotiation (‘enumeration’) can take place, leaving the current at 100 mA. Is this so? Even if i2c can set limits, my vague understanding of USB is that the negotiation is driven by the source, not the sink.

I’d be grateful for any light anyone could shed on this.
I’ve even thought of combining different ICs, but the risk+overhead would be excessive.
Thanks in advance!

You probably can count on 500mA but it isn’t for sure correct. I believe there are little chips you can buy that negotiate for you, not by MPS though. Me I am going to go dig ditches for a year or two until we remember how to make semiconductors again. Super frustrating.

Yes, but, as I implied, the risk+overhead of USB-protocol ICs is not something I can afford to delve into, at this stage.

I did enough of that. Can’t delay any longer.
Thanks for the reply.
P.S. LCSC actually lists lots of stock from local, Shenzhen/mainland companies. But the data-sheets are in only Chinese, and the product-pages lack info.