MP2760 input over voltage protection

I am working with the demo board for a solar battery charging application. The battery is a 4 cell LiFePO4 battery. Below are my register settings/values. The MP2760 chip is rated at 28V maximum input voltage. The issue I am having is that the solar panel I am using has a 23.8V open circuit voltage and the Vin_OVLO can only be set to 22.4V maximum. There doesn’t appear to be any way to disable the input overvoltage protection so there are situations where the charging will not start because the input voltage is >22.4V and the only way to trick it is to provide an external load to the solar input to lower the voltage until the charging starts then the external load can be removed and charging will continue. Is there anything in my setup that is wrong and causing this issue to occur?
06 0039
07 003f
08 006e
09 00f9
0a 0028
0b 3480
0c 3410
0d f399
0e 0130
0f f2e4
10 0e74
11 60e8
12 3c73
14 1b00
15 7580
16 8200
17 2000
18 0
19 0