MP2760 Autonomous Charging

I’m thinking of using the MP2760 in a handheld device that requires Li+ charging. I like the part for it’s external battfet that allows me to pick a FET that can handle my system’s large transient loads.

That being said, I need the system to charge the battery without any host intervention. Assuming that the OTP memory has been configured for my use case, will the MP2760 autonomously run a charge cycle without any host intervention?

I see there is a watchdog timer and see that it can be disabled and that it is disabled by default. So it shouldn’t get in the way of completing a full charge cycle - correct?

I also see that the datasheet calls out an automatic recharge cycle which I think should also mean that it will autonomously charge without host intervention - assuming normal conditions. Can someone please confirm this is the behavior that I can expect?



Hi kseegar,
Yes, the default is for charging to be enabled. Therefore, autonomous charging is expected without need for i2c communication or host enabling. Please see below on REG12.