MP2759 with 6S battery

I have EV2759. First it charged the battery and behaved according to the datasheet.
Then I connected/disconnected VIN, VSYS, and VBAT almost randomly, and now I have the following.
EV2759 is connected to 30VDC power source only. No battery, no load connected.
And both ACOK and STAT leds are lit constantly, the voltage at the BAT pins is 1.25V.
When I remove RNTC2 jumper, the STAT led gets blinking (it’s okay).
When I put DISABLE jumper, STAT led is lit off (it’s okay).

Why is STAT led lit while no battery connected?

Then I connect battery, and have no charging - MP2759 buck converter does not make PWM at the inductor.


Apologies for the delayed response.
Please refer to Table 3 of the datasheet. This should clarify the states of those pins.
An unconnected NTC jumper can trigger NTC fault and cause the blinking of STAT pin.
It is recommended to follow the quick start guide in the evaluation board datasheet.
Hope this helps.

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