MP2759 No charge current

I have am using a similar circuit to the eval board for MP2759 battery IC.
I have the circuit setup for:
3A charge
5 cells (165k)
4.2V/cell (105k)
Per the eval suggestion I have added a 100uF cap at the battery. In place of the shottky I have placed a PMOS between VIN and PMID.

NTC is showing temperature within charging range.
Battery is 18.9V (~75%)

Both the ACOK and STAT LEDs are lit indicating that charging is ongoing. However no charge current flows to the battery from AC. The SW pin is solid while the battery is installed. When I remove the battery, the charge indicators remain on and the SW begins switching, in an attempt to charge the 100uF capacitor (at least that is my guess). After removing the battery the 100uf cap hovers around 14.5V.

Why am I getting no charge current with the battery plugged in even though the LEDs indicate that the battery is charging? Did I misconfigure something?

Here is the schematic.

Hi Jimmy,

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