MP2733 Sleep Mode Current

Hello there,

Can you please confirm the registry settings to set the battery charger IC to (i) sleep mode (standby but minimal current draw) and (ii) ship mode (battery disconnection)?

We find that when we put our device in sleep mode, we are still seeing a 4mA current draw when the battery charger is connected, we wanted your thoughts on how we can reduce it. Is there any passive part in the schematic that you recommend be different from the suggested one in the datasheet (in order to reduce the sleep mode current).


Hi akrishnan,

Thanks for posting on the MPSNow Forum.
You’ll need to check if your BATTFET is off, OTG and ADC is disabled to get the lowest quiescent current stated in the EC Table:
The quiescent current draw will be ~5mA if everything is enabled.
Please disable the ADC and OTG using REG03h: