MP2723 Register setting to be Save

Hello Team,

We have been using the MP2723 chipset. Can you please guide us on how can we save the register value that we have changed to configure the chipset?

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Parth Doshi

Hi Parth,

MP2723 is one-time programmable device, meaning you can save it to the registers only once and it will retain those values. This is done at the factory. However, you can I2C program it as many times as you want but after power cycle it will go back to its default value.

To have your own default setting on the IC please reach out to us: MPS NOW Technical Support - Contact and someone will contact you in 24-36hrs about it.

Thank you

Hello Saurabh,

Thank you for the feedback.

what will be the approximate time required by MPS in this process?

Hi @parth,

It does depend on the volumes you would order. Please contact us through MPS NOW Technical Support - Contact, to better support you.

Thank you