MP2723 IINPPM flag

I am evaluating the MP2723 charger for use in a future product and am having trouble with the development kit. I cannot make it charge faster than 500 mA, and note that whenever I set ICC, it gets reset to 500 mA on the next read. Additionally, the IINPPM indicator is red, but reviewing the datasheet I cannot figure out what that actually means.

This occurs with two different cell phone chargers and a bench power supply. I have no load on VSYS and am using 3 mostly discharged (3.3 v OCV) 18650s in parallel as a battery.

What does IINPPM mean?
What conditions must I meet to make the MP2723 charge at 3 amps?

Hi nick,

Thanks for your question. Can you provide a schematic of how you are connecting the part? Especially showing what resistor value you have connected to ILIM?
IINPPM is the input current for power path management. This pin is probably getting flagged because it is reaching the input current limit.

You read more about this on page 19 of the datasheet, underneath “Dynamic Power Management”:

We also have a DPPM article on the MPS website.