MP2723 giving battery voltage at 5V output

I am using the MP2723 but I see that on the 5V output pin I am getting the battery voltage as the output, I have checked and confirmed that the battery output in is not shorted with the 5V output pin. What can be the error?

Hi hrithik.singla254,

Can you check what your battery voltage is? If it is below Vsys,min the output will be regulated to the Vbatt.

Please check out the section titled “Dynamic Power Management” for more information.

Vinh Tran

I have read the article but I am still not getting the desired results, please look at my problem below:

Description of behaviour: Led is off, output of MP2723 is same as battery voltage. The power source voltage fluctuates.

  1. No Host is connected
  2. Vin = 5V
  3. Battery Voltage = 4.07V
  4. CE is connected to gnd
  5. NTC voltage is 1V, VNTC is 1.675
  6. ILIM = 2.55 A
  7. Power Supply max current is 3.5 A

My Question

  1. Is it possible to use MP2723 without a host?
  2. How do I get output of the MP2723 as 5V without using a host?
  3. What can be the cause of my power supply voltage fluctuation between 5-5.3 V ?

Hi hrithik.singla254,

Is this with a custom design or are you using our EVB?

  1. Yes, you can use the MP2723 without a host. You get the device OTP’d by reaching out to MPS NOW Remote Support - Support.

  2. Refer to #3.

  3. Are both your input and output voltages 5V? The MP2723 does not have passthrough. You will need to increase your input voltage to get 5Vsys.

Vinh Tran