MP2695 load connection

Power path is not provided for this IC, can I connect the load directly in parallel to the battery?

Hi kheekai,

Yes, you can connect the load in parallel with the battery assuming that your load is compatible with the battery voltage range. Otherwise, you may need a voltage converter between the battery and the load. We have many on our website.

If load is current is greater than battery charging current at some occasions, to you foresee any issues. On average load current is much less than battery charging current. (Eg. battery charge current 500mA. Load current spike 800mA. Average load current 5mA)

Hi kheekai,

In your example, is the charge rate (1C) of 500mA specified by the battery vendor? If so, what is the discharge rate specified by the battery vendor? If your load current spikes to 800mA it should be okay as long as it does not exceed the maximum discharge rate specified by the vendor. Please confirm.

Yes charge rate is 1C for the 500mAh battery. Maximum discharge rate 2C so 800mA is not exceeding discharge rate of the battery. When the battery is almost reaching full charge, the charging IC is monitoring the charge current which is not stable because of fluctuations on the load current. Do you do test case on the design of this IC for this?

Hi kheekai,

Since we’re going more in depth for this application, I would suggest submitting your question to MPS Now for more focused assistance: MPS NOW Remote Support - Support

Hi Bryan,
Thanks. I will submit my questions.