MP2690 and MP2632 VSYS state during adapter removal


Datasheets for MP2690 and MP2632 does not show the state of Vsys during removal of USB In or Adapter to Vin.

Some other IC’s we tried from other companies had 10-40ms power loss at Vsys during removal of Vin. This interferes with the operation of our product. How soon can boost take over after Vin is lost?

Can you please clarify what happens during this event?

Thank You.

Hello orkun,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! I will look into this for you and provide an update soon.

Hi orkun,

At this time, MPS does not have a charger that seamlessly does the mode switch from charging to boost. However, after discussing it with the product line, we can support a solution with our parts illustrated in the block diagram below that we believe would ensure a mode switch time below 10ms.


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