MP2672GD Battery Charger chip


We are using MP2672GD as our battery charger controller in our system which has 2 Lion batteries.
We are trying to understand how does this IC work.
I appreciated it if you can answer my questions below:

1.What is the interaction between the cell balancing and missing battery detection? If the cells are out of balance will it consider whole battery pack as missing?

2.Can the cell balancing occur when the charger is not connected? Does IC, balance the cells first and then starts charging them full?

  1. From the evaluation board schematic the Rmid is defined as 33R. Can you confirm the recommended value of Rmid? What is the reason?

  2. Is it possible for the MID pin to draw current from the cell when the charger is not connected?

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Hello MPS team, is there any update on my questions?

Hi @siavash.esfahani,

  1. No it will not consider the whole pack to be missing.

  2. Balancing operates only in charge mode. So, yes the charger has to be present. MP2672 is able to sense the voltage across each cell. If these two cell voltages mismatch by more than 50mV (typically), the internal discharge path is turned on to discharge the cell with the higher voltage until the two cell voltages mismatch by less than 30mV.

I’m working on the other two questions and I’ll respond soon.

Thank you