MP2672A IC Heat

During charging in constant current mode, the IC reaches temps of 80deg C. Is this normal?

What current? 80C isn’t bad 100C+ start to get nervous. If the charge current is 2A then we have a 14W boost converter say 95% efficient that is 700mW of loss in the IC and that flows from the Sys pin to the battery with a 300mV drop, another 600mW. 1.3W gives 80C seems plausible.
Get a demo board.

Yeah, running at 2A.The eval board seems cooler, but I wonder if it’s because the use of an inductor will less resistance or board stackup.

Hi Sean,
The expected operational thermal performance for the battery charger is below 60C. Please confirm you have properly set the Iset, NTC range chosen is correct and also if anything is being SCT.


See the following schematic. I have a 6.04k resistor on ISET. I’m not entirely sure what SCT means? I have a resistor network and values copied from the MP2672A eval board, with TH1 being a standard 10k resistor.
Note: I noticed on the evaluation board, SW pin 12 was not connected hence the NC here.

If I set my bench supply to a max of 2.6A or so, the temp of the IC is a nice 50deg C. If run at 3A or more, it gets to 80deg C. This seems normal I suppose.

What inductor are you using? DCR and Saturation current. I would suggest a saturation current of at least 4A.

Same as eval board. Believe dcr is like 4.4mohm and 11A saturation current.

Hi Sean,
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SCT is an acronym for “short circuit”, one of few things to check for when device emits high thermals.

Please refer to SW node description: you cannot leave it as NC.

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