MP2672: over-current protection & battery fusing


I have some questions regarding the MP2672. I plan to use the device in an NVDC application, just like the attached image from the datasheet shows.

  1. The datasheet mentions a cycle-by-cycle MOSFET overcurrent protection but doesn’t elaborate further on how the protection is done/achieved. Does this protection refer to the reduction in charge current when the input voltage starts dropping or does this also include the current drawn from the battery via the SYS-pin? I.e. when the device enters battery-supplement-mode?

  2. Since the device itself does not feature reverse polarity protection I am implementing one outside the SYS-pin aswell as on the other side of the battery that is powering my additional devices. This still leaves the MP2672 vulnerable to the batteries being inserted the wrong way around which would (most likely?) lead to the IC being destroyed with the possibility of it failing short-circuit. My question regarding this scenario is, whether it is possible to include any protection elements (e.g. a central battery fuse) in the path between the battery itself and the device BATT-pin. Am I right in assuming that this would interfere with the IC voltage-sensing and cell-balancing?

Are there any other best-practices I can apply without interfering with the IC operation to protect my devices/cells?

Thank you in advance and best regards,

No information available on what can/should/can’t be put in the charging path?