MP2672: Battery Missing Detection


I’m trying to use the status register of the MP2672 to detect battery disconnection, but I haven’t been able to create a condition where the chip recognizes this fault. I’ve tried with charging enabled and disabled, battery connected and disconnected, custom hardware and the MP2672 demo board with Programmable Power GUI, and nothing can flip the BATTFLOAT_STAT bit (REG03H bit 2) to indicate battery missing. Is there an explanation for this bit never indicating the fault? Is there an alternative way to reliably detect battery disconnection with this chip?

To reproduce: using the MP2672 demo board and Programmable Power GUI, 5V power supply connected to VIN+ and GND, battery at BATT and GND. Using the GUI to toggle charge enable, reset WDT, and auto monitor register. Physically disconnecting/reconnecting the battery from the demo board terminal does not change the Battery Missing status light.


I can confirm this issue. Doesn’t work for me either.