MP2667 I2C Series Interface Documentation?

Do you have documentation on the Mp2667 I2C series interface? Is the protocol for single read, single write (or multi-read/write) the same or similar to other chips? (e.g. I am familiar with the MP2672 2 cell interface.) The data sheet for the MP2667 does not specify.

Hi willbond,

We do not currently have documentation detailing the I2C series interface for our devices. However, if you are already familiar with the MP2672 then you can interact with MP2667 in the same way. All our I2C devices, in this case our chargers, use the same protocol for users to program their desired settings.

Thanks. Do you support multi-read/write? Or just single read/write? I would like to read registers 07h (status) and 08h (fault) with one multi-read after an interrupt.