Mp2667 I2C pullup to 3v3?


I am a bit confused at what voltage the I2C of this chip operates. The MP2667 has an ‘internal’ Vdd which measures around 4.2V. My application using the MP2667 is all 3V3, connected via an LDO.

Can I safely connect MP2667’s SDA and SCL directly to the MCU and pull them up to the 3V3 rail? Or do I connect them to Vdd and use level shifters?



Hi Paul,

Yes, you can pull up the MP2667 with a 3V3 pull up.
The MP2667 has an EVB if you would like to confirm its operation before designing with the device: EV2667-G-00A.

Vinh Tran

Hi Vinh,

Thanks for the info. I acquired the EVB for the device.

Using that I noticed that the MP2667 does not permanently save its settings when I change them. I can live with that, taking into account that the device nearly always will be powered by Vbat or Vin.

But in that respect I do not understand what One-time programming is for and how I can use that. Can you explain?

Kind regards,