MP2632 - automaticlly switching boost mode

Hi guys, I am designing a LiPo Battery Charger/ Power Board with 5V 3A output right now.

My question: is it possible to get the PB switching automaticlly when no input source is detected?
So in the absence of an input source, I would like the MP2632 to go automaticlly in boost mode without pressing the PB switch.

Also I have read that the IC turns off at light load automatically. How much is light load?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Hi Taher,

Thanks for reaching out to MPS on our forum. Just letting you know I’m looking into answers for you and I will let you know our thoughts soon.

Brendan Schoemehl
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It is possible to get the PB to automatically switch to boost mode when no input source is detected, it requires external circuitry. I can give you more information on this if you email us at

Light load is typically around 200-300mA. It may vary a little bit part to part, but anything under 300mA is typically light load.


Hi Brendan,

thank you for fast respond!
is there an option to cut the automatic light load shutdown?

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Hi Taher,

I apologize for missing your reply. To answer your question on automatic light load shutdowns, the answer is yes there is in fact a way to disable the automatic light load shutdown feature. In order to disable the feature, you need to turn on the Torch Light. Once the Torch light is turned on, the automatic off function is disabled and the device will no longer turn off in light load. For more information, please refer to page 30 in the datasheet.