MP2624 problems with Usb Wall Adapter

Hi all,

I am using a MP2624. I am trying to charge battery by an USB Wall Adapter (connected thus to AC). I noticed status led starts blinking after some minutes when I use some types of USB Wall Adapter. Then, It stops charging.
Is there any requirement needed from USB wall adapter? What can be wrong?

Thank you


I noticed the issue was due to a problem on the USB Cable. No enough insertion between male and female.
However, I noticed, even with good cable, that even If I disable the Safety timer in configuration phase, it is enabled automatically after some seconds. I see it is enabled looking at TERMINATION register.

Why the safety timer is automatically enabled if configured as disabled? Which condition reactivate it during charging?

Hi Luca,
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Safety timer helps prevent long duration of charging cycles, in case battery behaves oddly. Please refer to part datasheet page 24, the safety time reset conditions are explained.


Thank you for your answer. I solved the problem: I noticed the safety timer was restored since I was not resetting periodically watchdog timer. So IC swtiched from host mode to default mode, thus resetting configuration register, where I tried to disable safety timer.