MP2624 - DISC Control and I2C Battery FET control

I use the MP2624 as battery charge managemer and Power Path Management. It is very usefull and perfect for my application, however, I am struggling with the configuration in particular cases.

If I set to low the DISC input for more than 8 seconds, without input power, my device is turned off : OK
If I connect an input power, without set down again DISC input for about 1 second, my device is turned on but I can’t start the battery charging, even if I write 0 to REG07 Bit[5] in order to turn on the battery FET again.
I also tried to set to 01 REG 01 bits [5,4] but it doesn’t change anything.
If I disconnect the input power, the device is turned off.

The status register indicate that No power path management occurs (REG8 Bit[7] set to 0).

Is it possible to set the MP2624 in charge mode as soon as an input power is plugged, even if it was previously in shipping mode ?


Hi Patrice,

Unfortunately the device cannot exit shipping mode with just an input power plugged in, we need to toggle DISC pin from high to low for a half second in order to bring the device out of shipping mode completely. I believe it’s not enough to just use I2C communication on REG07, we need to toggle the actual DISC pin to achieve this. The device will automatically charge when input is plugged in, but this is not achieved with shipping mode active.

Sorry for this inconvenience.
Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
Monolithic Power Systems | MPS Now