MP2624 - DISC Control and I2C Battery FET control

I use the MP2624 as battery charge managemer and Power Path Management. It is very usefull and perfect for my application, however, I am struggling with the configuration in particular cases.

If I set to low the DISC input for more than 8 seconds, without input power, my device is turned off : OK
If I connect an input power, without set down again DISC input for about 1 second, my device is turned on but I can’t start the battery charging, even if I write 0 to REG07 Bit[5] in order to turn on the battery FET again.
I also tried to set to 01 REG 01 bits [5,4] but it doesn’t change anything.
If I disconnect the input power, the device is turned off.

The status register indicate that No power path management occurs (REG8 Bit[7] set to 0).

Is it possible to set the MP2624 in charge mode as soon as an input power is plugged, even if it was previously in shipping mode ?