MP2617B battery cutoff voltage issue

I’m using an MP2617B battery management IC for my circuit. Input voltage is 5V and Vlim is set to 4.7V (10k& 21k). When input power is removed battery drains to 0V. I have used a pouch battery having 300mAh capacity. When the battery voltage reaches 2.5V system voltage is 0 but it seems still draining. What is the issue? Also in this condition when power is connected back CHGOK LED starts blinking. (fault status). If trying a few times it starts the trickle charge. How can I cutoff the system voltage when the battery voltage drops to 3.3V?


It seems like this particular part’s ULVO doesn’t match your design. MP2617B charger is limited in its ability to be programmed and customized, so you wouldn’t be able to modify the UVLO threshold to 3.3V.

I’m not sure how the battery discharged to 0V since the UVLO should be protecting it from over draining.
Are you testing this on your own board or the EV2617B-L-00A?
Is there anything else attached to the battery?


Thanks for your replay. I put my design here for your reference. Please check if there any issue with it. I didnt connect any extra device for the battery.

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