MP26124 charger failed

Im using MP26124 charger IC for our product, randomly its got failed, it means battery output voltage is went to zero volts. i will share my schematic, i need technical suggestion for this issue.

Hello dineshkumar.a,

Thank you for visiting the MPS Technical Forum. I understand the issue you’re experiencing is that the battery voltage dropped to zero during operation.

I noticed your EN pin is pulled low with R4. This means the device will stay disabled. EN must be pulled up to at least 1.8V for the device to operate. Please see Pg. 5 of the datasheet.

If you are able to start-up the device, but the battery still will not charge, I recommend removing anything in your circuit that is not present on the EVB (see below) i.e. removing R4, R12, LED4, etc.
This can help narrow down why the battery is not charging properly. You do not have to include the input protection circuitry, unless you believe that an input surge could have caused your issue.


In datasheet also Enable signal has been shown as active low signal, it means low ‘0’ voltage is to activate the charger, thats why i pulled it to low side. it make me confusing.

You are correct, the EN pin is indeed active low. I apologize for my mistake.

Did you get a chance to change your board to EVB schematic? Can you please be more specific with the “failure” you’re seeing? i.e. check the other pins and signals with and without the battery connected

My observation is battery is completely drained and tried to charge a complete drained battery (16.8V/4.5aH lion), then only chrager got failed.