Mp26123 charge cycle starting

Hi. when does mp26123 start a charge cycle? does it constantly measure battery voltage and start charge cycle when it falls lower than 3v/cell or I have to do it manually using EN pin?
also what does"soft-start" mean in auto recharge section? does it mean a constant voltage apply to the battery or what?

Hello arabahmadihabib,

The device will monitor Vbatt and start the charging cycle when needed.

Please take a look at figure 4, our block diagram of the part to see how the charging process work. Figure 2 also has a charge profile of the device to show what the Ichg and Vbatt are in each stage of the charging process. The stages are constant current, constant voltage, and trickle charge.

Soft-start is a process to start the chip that prevents inrush current from the source.

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Vinh Tran

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