Mp2603 compatible with S-8261ABJMD-G3J2G?

Deat team of Monolithic Power,

I have a question regarding the compatibility of the mp2603 as charger with the undervoltage protection of S-8261ABJMD-G3J2G.
If the battery voltage goes below 3 v the S-8261ABJMD-G3J2G “disconnect” the battery from the circuit to avoid an underdischarge but if a charger is detected a charging modus is started.
How does the mp2603 react if a 0v battery voltage is detected?
I think this is not very clear from the datasheet.
Does it stop the charging process or does it start a trickle charging as the voltage is less than 2,6 v?

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Hello Alex,

Thank you for contacting the MPS Forum. I have seen your question and will try to get an answer as soon as possible.

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Vinh Tran
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