MP24943DS/DN EN Pin

Hi all,
I’d just like to have an info about the EN pin on the MP24943.
In DS it’s said we can start the device automatically at Vin rise up by connecting EN to Vin.
In absolute max ratings, EN seems to be limited to 6.5V.
In an application with 48V in, if I pull with an 100K the EN pin to Vin is it OK or may I leave the EN floating?

Many thanks for your help

Hi philippe.poujade,

Thanks for posting on the MPSNow Forum.
Good question.
If you want automatic start-up, pull the EN pin to Vin; but yes you’re right, you cannot exceed 6.5V on the EN pin. So depending on your input voltage, you’ll need to place a resistor divider so the EN input is </=6.5V.
I would not recommend leaving the EN pin floating.
If you want to turn on the part at a specific time, apply 1.8V-6.5V to the EN pin, then pull the pin to GND to turn off the part.