MP24943 UVLO formuler

when i was checking a mp24943, i found a UVLO value at DC DC designer Online

i don’t know to calculate value that r6 and r7 register changing by input voltage & uvlo factor

i would like to know MP24943 UVLO formula


Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. There is no formula for programming the UVLO of the MP24943. I’m confused by what you mean with calculating R6 and R7 because these resistors are not part of the same resistive divider on the example schematic. Please see Pg. 3 of the datasheet where you’ll find information for the UVLO of this device:

i mean resistor is in the designer online
and Input Voltage UVLO(V) is too


Those resistors on the EN pin are just a voltage divider. To enable the MP24943, you can tie EN to the input with this voltage divider, but you need to keep the EN voltage between 1.8V and 6.5V (Absolute Max Ratings, Pg. 2). Some parts like the MP4560 will sometimes need a big enough difference between Vin and Vout for the device to regulate properly. You would then use a voltage divider on the EN pin to maintain this difference (programming the UVLO) as stated on Pg. 14 of the MP4560 datasheet: