Mp2483dq-lf-p => spice .lib

I’m interested in using the MP2483DQ-LF-P IC on my PCB. Would you be able to provide me with the SPICE .lib file that isn’t “ENCRYPTED_LIB” so I can perform some tests in LT Spice software?

Thanks and best regards.

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MPS does not support/provide LTspice files. We do have cadence/simplis files you may download under “Design Resources” section on the product webpage. You may also utilize MPSmart software to perform your simulations.


Thank you, i will try MPSmart software. Best regards, Kamil

MPSmart model for MP2483 is unavailable aswell!

Apologies here Kamil,

I believe the file you had downloaded was PSpice that is available on the website, not LTspice…different simulation software’s.

We do have availible and support Orcad files for this as well in Ultra Liberirian section.

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