MP24833A maximum output LED voltage


I am going to use MP24833A as boost converter with the following specification:

input voltage: 10-20 V
output current: 1A
LED voltage: 41 v

is MP24833A a good solution? and what is the maximum output LED voltage? and how to set this voltage?

Thanks very much for your time

I don’t think it will work. You need to look at the “boost” circuit in the data sheet which is really a non-isolated flyback. That circuit will have a switch voltage stress of Vin + Vout ( 61V ) which is a problem and a switch current stress of In + Iout ( 1A+ 4A ( at 10V ass 100% eff)) 5A which is a problem.

As per the specification, mentioned in the post you will need a good boost converter.
Hence before starting configuring the entire system, you should check the battery working in detail.
To set the maximum possible output voltage you have to check the maximum load-bearing capacity of the converter.