MP24833 not boosting to 24V

I am having trouble getting the required regulated current from the controller. I am powering the converter from 12Vdc and require 24Vdc but I am only getting 15 to 16Vdc out. Current regulation should be at 1A but this is also low. The FB resistor is 0.2 Ohm for 1A. When I turn up the Vin to 21V, the current starts to be regulated. The open circuit voltage is 28V (no led connected)

Hello! MP24833 is not recommended for new designs, so please use the MP24833-A instead if this is for a new project.

Can you please post your schematic? It would be helpful for us to understand what might be causing this issue.

Thank you, I had to convert it too a JPG for the forum but please find the circuit diagram attached.
P_LED is positive supply to LED string and N_LED is return from LED string. V_In is vehicle voltage supply of average 12V

Any feedback on the above schematic? MP24833-A will be the one used


A few comments about the schematic, it looks like the P_LED’s connection might not be correct, please make sure you have P_LED connected from anode of D2 through a capacitor as shown in the datasheet typical application circuit, this connection seems to be missing. And OVP pin’s resistor divider network must be connected to this P_LED.
P_LED also gets connected to VIN. Make sure these connections are correct.

Please compare your schematic with the figure 4-typical application circuit in the datasheet page 13.