MP24830 MAX Vout in buck-boost mode

Hi all.
I use the MP24830 LED driver in buck-boost mode in my project (LED headlight product).
I have 24V input voltage.
The LEDs that I have chosen are OSRAM GWPSLR31.EM-LQLS. This LED have 6.2V typical forward voltage, and I put 8 LEDS in series (it’s about 49.6V drop voltage on the entire LED string). I have 8 strings in parallel (total: 8LEDs x 8strings = 64LEDs).

In component datasheet I’m not found the maximum achievable voltage to the output (from LED+ to LED-).
The circuit is very similar to the image attached below.

Can you help me?


Vdd-Vss no more than 90V In your case Vdd is +24 and Vss is -50 so 75V Should be OK

Is there an EVAL board you can play with