MP2483- BUCK_BOOST LED Driver output voltage

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I would like to know the efficiency and output voltage of the IC MP2483 in buck-boost mode for Vin=8 to 36V and ILED=0.7A.
In this image i wanna know the LED forward voltage which they have used. what does 4W,5W mean whether watts or white LED?

my design is to drive the led having VF=9.2V and ILED=0.7A in buck-boost mode with Vin=8 to 36V supply. what will be the efficiency of the IC MP2483 for this specification.


WLED is for white LED. Given 3W WLED are being used, the forward voltage can be calculated. Here is the PSPICE model that can be downloaded to simulate for your specific design.

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may I know the efficiency of MP2483 in buck-boost mode for vin=8 to36V Vo=9.2V Io=0.7A

Apologies for the delay in response.
How many LEDs are you driving?

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