MP2456 Typ compensation values

Can you please provide the typ internal RC values for the Error Amp feedback?

Many Thanks

PS Can you please provide the typ RSEN value and the Current Sense Amp gain?

Hey @mark4 ,

The functional block diagram is just there to help the user understand at a high level what the part is doing. Knowing the internal values of the type 2 compensator for the EA is not as useful as knowing its transient response and testing it out with an evaluation board. If the internal compensator is causing a transient response you do not like, you can further improve the transient with a feedforward capacitor.
Rsense is there to show the current the IC is sensing is from the high side FET. The practical data to look at here is the line regulation, which shows how well the IC reacts to changes in input thanks to it sensing the HFET current.
Hope this helps.

Jonathan Hidalgo