MP2393 Simulation

I’m simulating MP2393 in MPSmart. I’m quoting datasheet excerpt for power good functionality.
“During power-up, the power good output is pulled low.
When the output voltage is higher than 92% and lower than 120% of the internal reference voltage and the soft start is finished, the power good signal is pulled high.”

In short, power good signal is pulled high when the output voltage is in a good range. And during slow start, it should be pulled low.
However, in simulation I see that it is always pulled high.
Is power good pin behavior modelled in simulation file?

Hello rahulk,

Are you running the simulation file specifically for Vin-startup? The MPSmart simulation files comes with one for load transient, steady state, and vin startup.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Hello Vinh Tran,
I’m now using startup file for simulation now. In attachment green trace is PG and red trace is output voltage.
PG Pin reamins low even after output reaches 3.3V.

Hello Vinh Tran,
Do you have any comment on this issue?