MP2393 maximum input voltage question

I wanted to use the MP2328 because my max input voltage is around 24V and it supports up to 28. Only problem is that it seems unavailable everywhere, so maybe I can use the MP2393. Its datasheet says it is a 24V max, with 26V being absolute maximum. If I have a 24V supply (which could be 23.9V, 24.2V, etc) is it too risky to use the MP2393 in that design? I already know that it is best to leave some slack for these things, but it seems like I have run out of ideas. I want to mention that I have a protection circuit before everything else that shuts everything off at around 25.5V.

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Can you please provide further spec requirements ? maybe I can assist with finding another similar part that meets your design requirements.

Please refer to the highlighted portions of the capture below. Although the Abs. MAX is upto 26V, we recommend that remain within the operating conditions.

I’ve seen that section and I already read note (4). Unfortunately, after many hours searching, going a bit over the recommended values was one of my last options left.

Anyway I have these requirements:

  • input is 24V (let’s say ±1V)
  • reference voltage of 0.8V or lower
  • external soft start
  • smallest package possible (I really wanted a SOT583 ic)
  • synchronous step down
  • enable line

Also, a power good output is really welcome but not a must.

I think it’s all

I found 2 parts, and I will hyperlink the parts for easy access to datasheets and for convenience.

→ Unfortunately, slightly bigger package. Not SOT583. But references voltage specs meet your requirements.

→ This part meets your specs. Please confirm if there are other parameters.

We have both of these parts in stock.

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I will check out the MP4317 then.
As for the MP2338 I had found that one too, but it was kind of my last resort because it is much more expensive than the MP2328 and it is only available on your website. Last time I ordered here I was charged 12€ of customs, and the value of the package was 10€.

I checked and I think I will be going for the MP2338, which is the cheapest and is a drop-in replacement for the MP2328. Thanks for the replies