MP2384C - CCM v DCM v Skip Modes

Hello, MPS Team.
Ref: MP2384C data sheet Rev 1.0 3/13/2020.

The MP2384C operates in “Forced Continuous Conduction Mode”, but the data sheet p12 makes reference to DCM and skip modes - which has confused me a bit.
My question is - will the MP2384C ever operate in DCM/skip modes or will it always operate in CCM mode - even at light loads?

Hello Fraser,
The part will operate in CCM in light load. Due to being a forced CCM part, there are no minimum load requirements.

The jitter is described as something that could happen during operation. The noise in ripple of the feedback voltage can add a delay for the driver of the HS switch.


Thank you for your prompt response, Nouman.

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