MP2338 minimum operating voltage

Hi, could you clarify what is the minimum input operating voltage of MP2338?
in the current datasheet it is specified as ‘Wide 4.5V to 28V Operating Input Range’
but all the schematic diagrams are reporting a minimum voltage of 6.5 V.
In my application Vin is 5 V.
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Hello Mark,
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Can please confirm what is your Vout and Iout ?

The device will still operate on a Vin supply of 5V. Per the recommend operation section and electric characteristics section of the datasheet.

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please not that that the current datasheet on the web shows a minimum recomended voltage of 4.5V in the text section on page 4, not 5 V as you stated.
Anyway, in my application the Vin will come from an USB port, considering some drops from the cable we shall assume at least Vin> 4.5V.
The load is a small heater of few ohms, which I need to drive at constant current of 500 mA, so I am using a shunt resistor of 1 ohm from the load to ground, to drive the FB pin. Vout is expected to land in the 1.5 V to 2.5 V range, considering the additional 0.5 V drop un the shunt, fixed by the feedback.

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Hi Mark,
The typical application circuits are for quick reference, in case you would like to check component values or if you are already working within that range of input/outputs.

I would like to suggest couple other parts for your design implementation, MP9159A or MP2141N. Both are incredibly efficient parts, and meet your design specs.

If you would like to look into further low voltage devices - please use the link below.
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