MP2338 Information

Any information on the MP2338, spec sheet, release date? Looking to create a design with a MP1584, but it is EOL. I’m assuming this is measure due to the counterfeit parts on the market.

Hi bseishen, welcome to the forum.

Can you let me know your Vin/Vo/Io? Perhaps I can suggest a part for you that is already released.

30v/6v/3a Built in fet, low part count, easy to hand populate.

If the MP2338 is vaporware, might be prudent to remove it from the 1584 documentation.

Hi bseishen, the easy to hand populate is the real kicker–it might make sense to wait for the MP2338 for the SOT package. We have some QFN package options, but this will pose a challenge to hand solder.

Fortunately the MP2338 is a real device which is on the way, the current goal is to have it released by the end of the year.

I will see if we can post some documentation for the MP2338 before then.